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Listes de diffusion Breizh-Entropy


"Bounces" represent the subscribers whose address is in error, i.e. subscribers who can not receive the messages sent to the list. This can be due to many reasons: obsolete email addresses, addresses temporarily unavailable when messages were sent, inbox quota exceeded, etc.

The 'Bounce management' section defines two rates:

The 'Management of bouncers, 1st level' and 'Management of bouncers, 2nd level' sections allow you to perform automatic tasks with regard to bouncing subscribers. You can define:

To manage bounces (reset errors for some subscribers, unsubscribe bouncing subscribers, request a subscription reminder, etc.), go to the 'Bounces' page of the list administration module.

BE CAREFUL: do not forget to click on the 'Apply modifications' button on bottom of page to save all your changes.

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